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My continuing education

#NeverStopLearning  #NeverStopSharing 🤓

My background is in business and information technologies. The roles I have developed are mainly Budgeting and Controlling, Business Analysis/Project Management and Business Intelligence.

As a professional in the digital industry I need to be up-to-date, expanding my knowledge of what I already know, such as acquiring knowledge in new areas or technologies that complement my professional profile and have a direct impact on my services and clients. For this reason, I dedicate a lot of time a year to train and update myself.

Next, I will indicate my main sources of knowledge (the digital platforms that I have active, books and communities). However, I leave a link to a post I wrote (and keep alive) about learning platforms:

  • Learning platforms: visit the following link to know which platforms I have used.

  • Books and Blogs: I read more books than blogs. I share with you the link to my book list.

  • Learning communities: I have started to participate in different data events in Madrid (Data on the rocks, Power Platform Madrid) and other virtual events. I think participating and contributing to communities is very enriching.

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