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My skills and experience

My days go by...

My days go by BI dev projects and It's data ecosystem. My goals always will be automation and effective decision-making.

Within a project, I can get different roles:

1. Relationships with key business users to understand processes and business questions, and build strategies, usually as Project Manager.

2. Data analysis and transformation: understand sources, data type, etc.

3. Data modelling.

4. DataViz and reporting in general. 💛

Technical skills

In every Project I work as developer and usually I act also as PM. Requirement gathering and architecture, and relationship with IT or BI departments. Interaction with clients is one of the key elements of my journey. 

Business Intelligence

Reporting and distribution strategy for self-consumption.

  • Modelling with DAX and Power Query (ETL). ETL development on different sources: SQL Server, SQL Oracle, Dataverse, Azure DataLake, SAP, API REST PBI, csv and others.

  • Intensive use of Dataflows in ETL and PBI Datamarts.  

  • Tabular Editor 3, DAX Studio, as external tools (Performance, translations, measures, perspectives and other purposes).

  • Reporting: dashboards and reports distributed through PBI Service, Teams, embedded and mobile, adapted to the type of end user and the type of consumption, considering best practices.

  • Experience with PRO, PPU and Premium capacity licenses.

  • PBIP: improving my deploy strategies. 

  • Specialization in self-service strategies.


When I started "drawing" reports, my priority wasn't at all to understand design fundamentals. However, as my reports became more expressive, I discovered that my limited knowledge affected my evolution. The improvised use of color or "my common sense" about the placement of objects on the canvas (Paper, Figma, Power BI) no longer served me and I had to start learning to be more organized and disciplined when mixing colors and thinking about architectures. Since then, design and experience (User journey) planning have become a fundamental part of my work. This is the part of my job that I enjoy the most. Therefore, 

  • I am improving my skills and knowledge in UX and Design to create better DataViz outcomes..

  • I use Figma as a design tool (Themes, icons, prototypes, etcetera) to improve the experience of the reports and other outcomes.  

Power Apps

  • Build apps (model-driven and canvas apps),

  • Dataflows (ETL, Analytics and standard to import data),

  • Dataverse.

  • Embedded apps in Power BI and Power BI Embedded in Apps.

Power Automate

  • Task automation and orchestration of update actions (Related to ETL, dataflows, datasets and APIs).

  • Automation related to Apps (Power Apps). 


  • Azure as data source, import and datalake management (SAP BW → .csv → scrip → \E: → azcopy → Azure Data Lake → Dataflow). ADL management through Azure Storage Explorer.

  • Power BI App Configuration (as developer) to use get data from Power BI 'as admin' through API Rest.

  • Crete Resource groups: BBDD SQL, Logic Apps, among others.o   Querying DB on Azure through SSMS and Azure Data Studio.

  • Learning Azure Data Factory (ADF) and Azure DevOps for PBIP.


  • VSCode: Diseño de queries (M Code), DAX, SQL, Markdown.

  • Git and GitHub. 

Functional skills

For the last 15 years, I have been working between data, reporting and projects (coordinating, planning and executing), trying to understand what companies, end users and stakeholders need, and I love doing it.

Project Management

I currently lead consulting and BI projects in local and multinational companies.
I have participated in teams working on Scrum and Kanban, and co-led the implementation of Kanban as PMO. I'm Kanban fan. 💛
I enjoy working in agile methodologies environments.

Product mindset and data translator

  • I try to help ensure that insights generated through sophisticated analytics are translated into impact at scale across an organization.

  • I strive to: a) explain a business case to technical teams (data scientists, developers, etc.); b) explain data stuff to a business expert. I strive to live in both worlds by building bridges; c) mediate and explain complicated things in simple language.

  • In my previous experience in Product roles I have learned the importance of focusing on users, iterating and creating value quickly.

  • I have led data products for vineyards and also custom visuals for Power BI.

  • I feel very comfortable working with development teams.

Solutions and Industries

Local and international projects with impact on teams around the world. One of my main achievements was to distribute reports and datasets (for self-services strategy) in more than 13 countries.


Management of financial information through Business Intelligence and Power Apps. I usually work with Controlling Teams. 


I have led the development of BI related to Sales, used by management and operations teams.


I have created and led BI tools and transactional applications for operations management.


I have participated in the development of BI products and applications for university management (Budgeting, Ops and more).


  • Consumer Goods.

  • Agribusiness (Wineries, vineyards, agriculture, cattle raising, olive production).

  • Ski centers. 
  • Universities.

  • Software.

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