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My DataViz toolkit to create Power BI reports

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Today I want to share with you the resources that I use or inspire me when I’m creating Power BI reports (Dashboards, reports, etcetera).

I usually don’t use them all together because I often have kits that I use frequently. But I do use them as a source of inspiration and updating.


  • Remix Icon. Right now, my favorite. I like Remix Icon because it’s an Open Source library that has a defined and unique style (which I like), you can customize the icons (size and color) and you can download them in PNG or SVG to edit with other software (For example with Figma). Link

  • Google Fonts — Material Icons. I like Google Icons for the same reasons as Remix Icon but also because they are familiar to most users. Link

  • BoxIcons: Same features as Remix Icon. Link

  • Lordicon. The interesting thing about this product is the movement/motion of the objects. There aren’t many cases where I would use them, but it’s good to know they are there and can be used. In certain cases, it is a fascinating resource. Free and Pro license. On the other hand, not all customers will pay for the PRO license, which is a con. Link

  • Iconify. Link.

Palettes 🎨

  • Coolors, link. This is my favorite right now, I'm a PRO user indeed. Check out this link to get a discount. ⭐

  • Adobe Color, link.

  • Chroma.js, link.

  • Paletton, link.

  • PowerToy, link. This is not a palette creator, but it is useful to quickly identify your screen's colors.

Themes { i }

Images 🖼️

Unicode symbols ⌘

I usually use it for DAX measures or texts.


  • Power BI tips has a tutorial and you can buy or download for free some templates, link.

  • YouTube, link.

  • Currently, I create my own layouts with Figma.


  • Numerro: This platform has pre-design toolkits to implement rapidly and easily. Also, there’s a hub with amazing tips and information about DataViz. Link to hub and link to the blog. ⭐

Inspiration and ideas💡

  • Behance, Power BI portfolios, link.

  • NovyPro, Power BI portfolios, Link.

  • Tableau Public, BI examples, link.

  • Qlik Demos, BI examples, link.

  • Observable, link.

  • Visual vocabulary, link.

  • UI Design Daily (Figma components included 🚀), link.

  • Collect UI, link.

  • Chartchooser, link.

  • Fusion Charts, link.

  • Information is beautiful, link.

  • Site Inspire, link.

  • Storytelling with data, link.


In a few situations I use them, for example on covers or “page under construction” messages or just I download the image as .svg and extract parts of them to create layouts for data stories (using Figma).


  • Can’t Unsee, link. It’s a game for UX Designers, where you need to pick the design that is most correct. Test your attention to details!

Please leave me your comments if you like these products or use others. 🤟


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