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Functional skills

For the last 15 years, I have been working between data, reporting and projects (coordinating, planning and executing), trying to understand what companies, end users and stakeholders need, and I love doing it.


As a professional with expertise in multiple disciplines, I have developed skills across various areas including project management, functional consulting, and product direction. Below, I will outline my competencies in each of these roles:

Project Management

I currently lead consulting and BI projects in local and multinational companies. 


My skills include:

  • Planning and Monitoring: I design detailed plans, set milestones, and monitor progress to meet deadlines.

  • Effective Communication: I facilitate collaboration among teams and stakeholders, ensuring clear and smooth communication (including IT teams).

  • Problem Solving: I identify obstacles and find creative solutions to keep the project on track.


I have participated in teams working on Scrum and Kanban, and co-led the implementation of Kanban as PMO. I'm Kanban fan. 💛
I enjoy working in agile methodologies environments.

I have experience managing and leading technical and consulting teams, including participating in the recruiting process for my teams. Additionally, I have experience leading teams of suppliers with whom I collaborate.

Functional Consultant

As a Functional Consultant, I’ve worked on implementing business solutions. My key skills are:

  • Requirements Analysis: I understand client needs and translate their goals into technical specifications.

  • Process Design: I create efficient workflows and optimize existing processes.

  • Training and Support: I train end users and provide post-implementation support.

Product mindset and data translator

  • I try to help ensure that insights generated through sophisticated analytics are translated into impact at scale across an organization.

  • I strive to: a) explain a business case to technical teams (data scientists, developers, etc.); b) explain data stuff to a business expert. I strive to live in both worlds by building bridges; c) mediate and explain complicated things in simple language.

  • In my previous experience in Product roles I have learned the importance of focusing on users, iterating and creating value quickly.

  • I have led data products for vineyards and also custom visuals for Power BI.

  • I feel very comfortable working with development teams.

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